Doritos Nutrition Facts for Health-Concerned Costumer

I know that Doritos might one of the most famous snacks in USA, but do you know about Doritos nutrition facts? As we all know that Doritos is snack that mainly made from ground corn, vegetable oil and salt.

Doritos is originally made from unused tortilla that fried like Mexican traditional snack called Totopos. The fried tortilla is seasoned with based seasoning for Mexican snack called chilaquiles. This snack is firstly released in 1966 and become the first tortilla snack that distributes nationally in United States.

If we talk about Doritos nutrition facts, we also have to talk about Doritos nutrition fact and ingredients which are lead us the historical value of Doritos. Doritos is owned by a company that also owns a Mexican restaurant.

The great market selling number has made Doritos leave the main ingredient that usually used unused tortilla and change Doritos into a great industrial food product and become one of the largest snack brands in USA. The first factory of Doritos is located in Disneyland, California.Doritos nutrition facts Doritos nutrition facts Doritos nutrition facts

Doritos Nutrition Facts Information

You can easily see the Doritos nutrition facts in the back of package. It was a FDA policy to add some information and labeling in food product. The nutrition information consists of ingredients, and nutrition composition of Doritos.

This nutrition labeling and information might become so helpful for people who love to eat Doritos but having a problem with their health. Doritos includes a lot of size and flavor, each size and flavor has different ingredient and nutritional information in the back of the pack.

Nutrition Information in Doritos

The example of Doritos nutrition facts that can easily be seen in the back of Doritos’ pack is this Nacho cheese Doritos nutrition facts. This nacho cheese nutritional information stated that Doritos has original 140 calory for one standard nacho cheese pack. It also stated that it has 73 calories from fat with total 8 grams total fat in each standard pack. It consists of no Vitamin and provides you 2% of iron from the nacho cheese standard pack.

For some people who think that that nutrition that contain in one standard pack Doritos is too much for them, Doritos now provide the costumer with small pack. You can also see the small pack of Doritos nutrition facts well printed in the back of the pack. Doritos nutrition facts information is absolutely helpful for people who want to taste the delicious Doritos in the right portion for their health.

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