Tofu Nutrition Facts And its Detail Composition

I believe that most of us are familiar with tofu without knowing about tofu nutrition facts. Tofu is one of the most famous Asian food products in the world wide food market. Tofu can be found in almost any traditional or super market all over the world.

It has been know for the health and its advantages to our body. Tofu is not only great food product, but it’s also taste good if it served in the right way by the right cooker.

Tofu is originally creates by Chinese people in Ming dynasty about 2000 years ago. What a great invention, wasn’t it? Tofu nutrition facts have been known ever since the tofu was firstly created.

Some Chinese ancient myth even said that tofu is God’s secret meals and people who consume it will get bless from god. That myth is right now been proven by clinical verification that tofu is one of the most healthy food in the world that you suggested to consume for your health.Tofu Nutrition Facts Tofu Nutrition Facts Tofu Nutrition Facts

Tofu Nutrition Facts; Detail composition

Tofu nutrition facts can’t easily be seen like labeled product because tofu is usually handmade. But, extra firm tofu nutrition fact that been released by the food United States nutrient database has stated that firm tofu contains 70 calorie, 1, 5 grams carbs, 3,5 grams of fat and 8 gram protein in 100 grams serving. The data also stated that tofu contain 130 mg of Calcium,  1.10 mg of Iron,  and 4 mg of Sodium in each 100 grams serving.

Tofu Nutrition Facts; The values

The soft tofu nutrition facts that have been released by United States nutrient database is the clinical prove that tofu is great for our health. That data can be the main information for us to consume tofu. Tofu nutrition facts are not only the reason why people should consume tofu.

The taste of tofu can also be the reason of for the people to consume tofu in their daily life. All they need to do is to find the perfect tofu recipes that fit their taste the most.

As one of the most famous Asian food product, tofu is well known worldwide for its nutrition and its excellences to consume. I personally love tofu if it serves with the right recipes. What about you? Do you love tofu?

If you are not a tofu lover, I strongly suggested you to try this Asian food product. Tofu nutrition facts information can be great information for tofu lover and for people who don’t like tofu to start consume it.

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