Corn Nutrition Facts and Its Benefit for Daily Consumption

I believe that we all familiar with corn, but do we really know about the corn nutrition facts and its impact for our daily life consumption? I bet we don’t. Yes I do know that we all eat corn, I mean who doesn’t?

Corn is one of the most well-known meals in the world especially in United States. It often becomes primary meals in substitution for rice and potato. But, the fact that corn is very famous meals doesn’t change the fact that not only view people know about corn nutritional value.

Besides the corn nutrition facts, the other advantage of corn are the speed of grows. Corn can quickly grow up to 7-10 feet in height. It only needs sun, fertile soil and well-drained soil, and it can nicely grow in a short time.

That advantage coming with the great nutrition composition for our daily consumption. Several types of corn are growing all over the world. Since there are many types of corn, people can continuously consume corn. That is also one of the reasons why corn enters the canned food industries.

Nutrition Information in Corn Nutrition Fact

Besides those facts, there are other facts of corn that we can found in corn nutrition facts information. There are some numbers said that corn is great for daily consumption. Corn has 86 calories per 100 g. it means that corn can be such a great energy source for daily activity. That is also the reason that makes corn become one of the most important ingredients in producing cereal and oatmeal. Corn also features a high-quality fiber that good for low fat meals to enhance your dietary program impacts.Corn Nutrition Facts Corn Nutrition Facts

Vitamin Composition in Corn

The canned corn nutrition facts can also be the simple reference of how you see corn nutrition facts information. It stated that corn is a great source of some important nutrition like phenolic flavonoid antioxidant, ferulic acid. Corn, in daily consumption, can also provide you 6% of daily requirement of vitamin A, which is great for your body.

Like it was said before that corn has many varieties, but the general nutrition is almost the same. Like in sweet corn nutrition fact, you can found the similar number of nutrition and vitamin composition with field corn nutrition information.

Considering all of the advantages of consuming corn, I do believe that consuming corn is one of the best ways to have a great healthy life. Corn nutrition facts are information that can be your reason to consume corn in daily life.

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