Sprite Nutrition Facts and Its Ingredients

I believe that most us know about Sprite, but do we really know about the Sprite nutrition facts? AS we all know, Sprite is one of the most famous soft drink in the world that produce by the Coca-Cola Company.

Sprite is lemon flavored soft drink. Sprite is also colorless and caffeine-free. This soft drink has been one of the most favorite soft drink since the first time it was made back in 1961. It also has been the leader market of lime soda since 1978 and defeated 7 up as its main competitor.

Sprite is coming in many varieties with different Sprite nutrition facts that can easily be seen in Sprite nutrition fact label. The variant of Sprite includes Sprite Ice, Sprite Super Lemon, Sprite Remix, Sprite Duo, Sprite Dry Lemon and many other more.

They even produce Sprite zero with low sugar in the appreciation for people on diet. That is the main reason why Sprite becomes one of the most drunk lime sodas in the world right now. The variants are produced by considering the market necessity.Sprite Nutrition Facts Sprite Nutrition Facts Sprite Nutrition Facts Sprite Nutrition Facts

Sprite Nutrition Fact; Ingredients

In the Sprite nutrition facts label, you can also see Sprite ingredients so you won’t hesitate about the ingredients that use to compose Sprite. The ingredients information labels has stated that Sprite is composed by using Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Sodium Citrate and Sodium Benzoate. There are no dangerous materials in that list so you don’t have to be worried to consume Sprite.

Sprite Nutrition Fact; Nutrition Details

Sprite nutrition facts are usually differentiated by the capacity of the bottle. For example in Sprite nutrition facts 20 oz, it is stated that Sprite has 240 calories with zero total fat. It also stated that Sprite has 110mg sodium, 64 grams total carbs and 64 gram sugar.

That number is absolutely different with 16 or 12 oz can Sprite. The other example of Sprite nutrition fact can also be seen in Spite zero. This variant contains 0 calories, 0 total fat, 0 total carbs and 0 sugars. This variant of Sprite only contains 35mg sodium in 12 oz serving.

AS the one of the most famous soda water, I believe that thousands of people are drink Sprite every day. Al they need is to know more about this product for the sake of their health. Sprite nutrition facts can be the main based information for you to read before you drink Sprite.

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