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For a woman who is firstly pregnant, series of complicated feelings emerge. This is a normal thing. Some women feel so excited about the coming of her babies; some feel the other way around. Fear, desperation, anger, excitement, happiness, all come into one that it causes some certain kind of stress.

Therefore, many women ask to their mothers or grandmother or other experienced women about how contractions feel like. In fact, there are many sharing groups for pregnant women as the media for them to tell stories and share to each other. The forums are also available on internet.

What do Contractions Feel Like

It is actually difficult to describe how contractions feel like. Some tells that contractions are like having the urge of pooping and peeing, both are combined into one. Some also tells that contractions feel like having period pain which is mostly experienced by women. Some add that contractions feel like having a severe backache that gets stronger and stronger, come and go.

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However, every woman has their own feelings of contractions. In other words, you can have your own when your baby is due, and probably you are strong enough to not feeling any extreme pain around your belly.

Knowing how contractions feel like has positive and negative sides. Positively, you will anticipate what you will experience. You will probably seek for suggestions and supports from the ones you love as well. Their courage is very important in this moment.

Negatively, you will build fear inside your mind even before the contraction starts. This is not recommended to do. Your fear will induce stress within your mind which will affect the birth process later on, for example the blood pressure as well. Therefore, expecting Moms should remain calm especially when they have reached the moment when the baby is due.

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What Do Contractions Feel Like
What Do Contractions Feel Like

How to Anticipate Contraction

The feelings of contractions may vary between pregnant women. It depends on the position of the baby, strength of your childbirth, and the physical and emotional conditions of the Mom. Giving birth is a very personal experience for every woman. The only homogenized idea of contraction is the feeling which is intense, overwhelming, and powerful. However, no matter how detailed the feelings are explained, no one can precisely imagine the feeling.

In fact, worrying too much about how contractions feel like isn’t healthy for your emotional condition. It is good to add your knowledge about the feelings of contractions by reading or joining forums regarding the issue.

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However, it is also important that you filter your knowledge by taking what you need and ignoring what you shouldn’t hear. Moreover, it is possible that sources on internet and people in forums share exaggerated stories in order to release their own stress.

Deciding to be pregnant indeed needs an extra preparation, including emotional preparation for contractions. In first pregnancy, it is normal that you are stressful solely by thinking of what you will experience.

Therefore, seek for support from your husband or mother (in-law) to relieve you from the stress. If it is needed, go to the psychiatrist or consult to your gynecologist about your emotional problem regarding contractions.

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Braxton Hicks Contractions

If you’re wondering what contractions feel like, you might be confused with Braxon Hicks contractions that are experienced by most pregnant women. The timing might be various. It can begin as early as the second trimester, but most women experienced it in the third trimester. The term “Braxon Hicks” itself comes from an English doctor in 1872 namely John Braxton Hicks. He described the occurrence of contractions before real birth.

Braxon Hicks contraction itself causes the toning of uterine muscle and flowing of blood to the placenta; giving impact on the softening of the cervix. Some people misunderstand the contractions as early labor. Braxton Hicks contractions feel just like the real contractions and can happen because of very active baby or mother, penetration during sex, full bladder, and dehydration.

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The best way to deal with Braxon Hicks contraction is by changing position, such as lying down after standing or walking. If you have been lying, you can change the position of your body. Another way is to take warm bath for at least 20 minutes. It is necessary to drink more water or a warm cup of herbal tea as well.