Bacon Nutrition Facts and Its impact to Our Body

I do believe that we all know about bacon, but do you really know about the exact bacon nutrition facts? As we all know that bacon is one of the most famous food products in western cuisine that compose from pork.

It appears in many type of western food like burger, sandwiches, salad and many more. It also familiar in western style breakfast and combine with eggs or oatmeal. The crunchy texture and delicious taste are the main reason why bacon is famous in many countries.

The importance of Bacon Nutrition Facts

Although it forbid by some culture or religion to eat pork or fork composed food, we have to consider the pork bacon nutrition fact. The bacon nutrition facts is one of the most important reasons why bacon uses in many meals especially breakfast meal.

Bacon is made from soft belly pork meat and it has high-salt composition because it can only be composed in high-salt environment, which is why bacon is so delicious and become one of the most popular meal addition in western cuisine. Fresh bacon has to be processed before it can be eaten, usually by frying.Bacon Nutrition Facts

The Exact Number from Bacon Nutrition Facts

There are many considerations from bacon nutrition facts that we need to see, the first consideration can be seen in the calories and fat composition.  bacon nutrition facts 1 slice  usually produced 41 calories and three grams of fat and one gram of saturated fat. That number has made bacon considerate as a high-fat food. Knowing that bacon is highly fat food can helped some people who on a diet.

The other bacon nutrition fact is can be seen in the protein and carbohydrate composition. Like most of meat composed food, bacon is a high protein food with zero number carbohydrate composition. The protein composition in bacon includes nine most important proteins for our body like Amino acid, which is good for our body sell development. In this point, although bacon has a high protein, bacon can be considered as unhealthy food for our body.

Bacon Nutrition Facts Consideration

The last cooked bacon nutrition fact that we have to know is the composition of micronutrients. One slice of bacon usually contains five micrograms of selenium, 43.5 micrograms of phosphorus and 9 micrograms of niacin. I know that bacon is full with good element in the composition, but some of diet expert and healthy life expert extremely stated that bacon will give bad impact to our diet and healthy food program. Bacon nutrition facts are important for people knowledge, especially the people who want to have a healthy life program.

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