Advertising as a Road to Successful Business

Advertising is generally known as a way to promote product. In its early years, it was regarded as one-way of communication from the manufacturer to people where the people cannot respond as fast as they want.

The product also cannot be purchase right away. Nowadays, advertisement has made a tremendous evolution. The advancement of technologies has eliminated these circumstances.

Advertising and Its Definition

Advertising is defined as a process of a communication from a manufacturer or a seller to its target consumers through a certain form of media. It is also one of the tools of marketing strategy. Advertisement is made to allure its target market do a certain action. Advertisement is not limited to promote a product, but on other things as well such as environmental or political movement.

Advertising and Its Importance

Big companies never hesitate on advertising. They are willing to spend billions of dollars for advertisement. Their sales figures will increase dramatically If they able to advertise their product effectively.advertising advertising advertising

The pictures below are example advertising that are creative and catchy. Advertisement unconsciously establishes awareness of people and makes them curious for the products-eventually people will buy the product. These are the reasons why many advertising companies, also known as advertising agencies, are developing and become a lucrative business. These companies basically give services including creating, designing, planning, and handling of advertising.

Furthermore, they can also handle all branding and marketing strategies, and even sales promotions. Mass media such as radio, newspaper and television are also supported by this business. Moreover, advertisement often becomes the biggest contributor of mass media’s revenue.

Advertising and Its Media      

Advertisement, as an inseparable part of advertising, can be easily found on our everyday life; whether while you in the street, supermarket, university, amusement park, station, when you watch television or when you listen to radio.

What you see and heard is actually media advertisement. There is a huge variety of media advertisement selection. Each company must carefully select the right media since it will determine the success and effectiveness of a promotion. Printed publication, direct mail, radio, television, signage, sponsorships, mobile devices, product placement, and other media outlets are some media used for promotion.

Not all companies have a big advertisement budget. These companies must choose the media that are cost-effective for them. The selection of the media must be tailored to the company’s target market, the company’s coverage area, and the marketing budget. If you only have small business, you do not need to choose national television since its coverage area is huge and it is very expensive.

Alternatively, it is better if you buy a radio slot or local newspaper ad column. Advertisement in radio and local newspaper are inexpensive and it is a perfect way to attract local consumers. When your product is segmented (example: men products), you can go with advertisement in men magazines.

The content of your advertisement must be short, compact but, easy to remember but also informative. Whether you have a huge company or small business, there is no doubt that your business needs advertising.

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