Small Business: A Small Simple Way to Make Your Own Money

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Small business is a business in a small scale. It can be identified by a few numbers of employees and the low volume of selling. Its classification is determined by the number of employee that varies from one country to another country based on the rule of each country with

Advertising as a Road to Successful Business

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Advertising is generally known as a way to promote product. In its early years, it was regarded as one-way of communication from the manufacturer to people where the people cannot respond as fast as they want. The product also cannot be purchase right away. Nowadays, advertisement has made a tremendous

Marketing Strategy, Creating Sales through Market Trust

Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is very crucial for the purpose of the company to survive in the world of competitive business edge. Each year the competitiveness gets higher and so does every firm’s business and market strategy. Based on the marketing strategy definition, the marketing strategy always starts from the market and

Small Business for Independent Economic Developer

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Small business is a term used for business privately owned with a small number of employees and low volume of sales. Sometimes, a big business also started as a small business. A micro enterpriser originated from the lack of budget and the idea of starting a business from simplicity. Some

Brand Building, the Pattern of Business Market Strategy

Brand Building

Brand Building is the process of developing and making a brand. Brand it, is a name or symbol that’s known to identify a company and its products in line with their uniqueness that can distinguish them from their competitors. A great brand is usually that which people recognize when they

Advertisement as One of the Most Influential Marketing Tool

Dentist Advertising Dentist Advertising

Advertisement in marketing is often correlated to the term of promotional actions. It is true because advertising contains persuasive information’s that brings the message of which the brand want the customers to know. By having advertisements, the companies and the brands are hoping that their message of their business aims and

Marketing Solution for Business’ Marketing Diseases

Marketing Solution Marketing Solution Marketing Solution

Marketing Solution is a term used usually for a business running in marketing advisory or consultancy services. Looking at the importance of marketing strategy, a marketing solution is widely needed almost for every firm. Usually, it is needed by firm with a constant high competition level or a newbie companies.

Marketing Strategy, the Main Blood Stream of Business

Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy is a process concentrating on sales enhancement to support a company’s sales and market opportunity in limited resources. In the competitive world of business, a company will not survive without a good marketing strategy. Each year the competitiveness gets higher and so does every firm’s business and market

Advertising; Inspire People to Do Something

Advertising Concept. The Word of Red Color Located over Text of White Color.

Advertising is a form of communication to persuade or encourage people to do something. The objective of advertise something is making a huge number of people know the product or service that are advertized. It is very useful in business marketing to rise the selling. People can make ads through

Branding: The Challenging Activity of Naming


Branding is a kind of activities in marketing field. It is the activity of giving an identity for the product, goods or services. The aim of this activity is to differentiate the product, goods, or services from one seller or a group of seller to the other seller or group

Marketing Strategy; Get Your Maximum Profit

Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is a basic strategy that designed to fill the needs of customers and also to achieve the marketing objectives. The companies have to make this strategy of marketing before they build a business. It is designed in order to know what the best strategy to be applied on

Marketing Solution: Make Your Business One Step Forward

Marketing Solution Marketing Solution Marketing Solution

Marketing solution is a combination of products and services that is offered by a person or company focuses on the customer problem in achieving their marketing goal. This kind of service is also offering the measuring the business value of the customer. For the technology company, marketing solution definitions is