Branding: The Challenging Activity of Naming

Branding is a kind of activities in marketing field. It is the activity of giving an identity for the product, goods or services. The aim of this activity is to differentiate the product, goods, or services from one seller or a group of seller to the other seller or group of seller’s product.

It is such a trade-mark-in activity that will make the product looks different from the other similar product with a different brand. It is very useful since many similar products appear in the market.

Branding Strategy

To be the good producers in the market, they have to know the best branding strategy marketing. It’s not always about advantage of selling the product but also it is about an effort to attract the people to use or consume the product.

Once people get attracted by the branding strategy, the advantages of selling will follow with a huge amount. Interesting? Yes, it is. Make your brand as good as possible by considering the needs and wants of your customers and also by seeing the prospect.Branding

A good brand will achieve some objectives, such as delivering the message of your product clearly to the customer, motivating the buyer to buy your product, showing your credibility confirmation in the market, connecting the emotion with the prospect, and also concreting the loyalty of user. Other strategy of branding is corporate branding strategy. It is the strategy of branding which is used the company name as the name of the product.

Branding Strategy Principle

To achieve a success business, a producer has to know the principles of branding strategy. Here are 12 principles that have to be applied by the producer. The first one is defining a brand as good as possible to attract the buyer.

The second principle is empower brand champions. Other principles are practice brand strategy thinking; connect on the emotional level; make your enemy closer; keep a consistency; align tactics with strategy; your brand is your business model; stay relevant and flexible; cultivate your community; start from the inside out; and the last is measure the effectiveness. By keeping those twelve principles strategy of branding, your business will improve.

Branding Plan

Planning the branding is similar with branding design. It is about designing the customer experience with the brand. If the aim of selling is not achieved, the producer has to examine the branding design itself, whether it worked properly or not.

It is all about the relation between the brand product, the producer, marketing process, and the benefit of selling, distribution of product and also the buyer that has been designed before. It is also about how the image of the brand delivers clearly to the buyer.

How to determine whether the use of branding design has successful or not, it can be seen from the brand’s effect on buyer’s preference and continued loyalty of them. Branding activity will be successful if the produce designing the brand first.

The success of business in marketing field is determined by how the producer plans the brand. Above all factors, the first factor that determines the successful of business is the activity of branding.

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