Advertisement as One of the Most Influential Marketing Tool

Advertisement in marketing is often correlated to the term of promotional actions. It is true because advertising contains persuasive information’s that brings the message of which the brand want the customers to know.

By having advertisements, the companies and the brands are hoping that their message of their business aims and purposes could be well delivered and cached by the customers. A commercial advertisement usually has the effect to improvement of brand recognition and sales. A commercial advertising involves the repetition of an image or product name of a brand in the effort of making that brand familiar in the minds of consumers.

The advertising theory states the important thing that should be considered when we are making an advertisement, which is the steps of a consumer’s mind when they’re looking at our advertisement, to finally making the decision to purchase.advertising advertising advertisement

The steps are Awareness, Knowledge, Liking, Preference, Conviction, and the last is Purchase. Beginning with the awareness, an advertisement then should also begin with brand and product introduction to the customers, where it should bring the main message which the brand wants the customer to get.

After receiving the message, the customer will find their own way to like and desire it and finally decide to purchase it. They could like the brand/product from their view of the advertisement, or directly from trying the product by themselves.

But the advertisement has the full power to make customer purchase the product by giving them a curiosity feeling about the product. That’s the main purpose of advertising, to make someone curious and attracted to try purchase the product for the first time. After purchasing the product for the first time, they will judge the quality by themselves whether they will buy it again or not.

There are many types of advertising based on the media, the purpose, and the delivery of the information. Based on the media, there are electronic advertisement such as television ads, online advertisements, and radio broadcasts, and printed advertisement such as newspaper ads, magazine ads, in-store, and posters or billboards.

Based on the purpose, there are commercial advertisement, public service advertisement, social purpose ads, and infomercials. Based on the delivery of the information, there are direct advertisement such as TV and magazines, and indirect advertisement. Coffee cup advertising can be a good advertising example for an indirect advertisement.

Advertisement Agencies

Advertising agency is a service business provider of creating, planning and handling advertising. Advertising agency can vary from television ads agency to online agencies. Separated from a form of a service business, an individual person could also be a freelance advertisement provider, such as being a provider of an event’s sponsorship, or building an online space for advertisements.

The client of ads agencies includes businesses and corporations, government agencies , event organizers and non-profit organizations.

Advertising company can be separated from commercial and entertainment industry services such as television channel, but can also be a part of them, so a television channel can have their own advertising department.

An advertisement usually never cost less or cheap. It can get up to $3000 per minute for television ads. This expensive cost shows that advertising can really give a powerful impact on people especially for a wide range of information spread. But advertisement can also be gained through cheap access if the range of information spread is not that wide.

A notice board in school could be an example of a cheap advertising media. Advertising is the activity of information spreading, which is very important every part of human life, and an information spread can never be separated from advertising.

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