Find Out the Gender of Your Baby : True or Myth ?

The minute when you know that you are pregnant is probably the most exciting moment in your life. You start thinking and listing what to buy, what to prepare, or even how to organize baby shower party. In some culture, the gender of your baby is important since knowing early can help the preparation to welcome the baby to the world. However, in another culture, particularly Chinese culture, it is more preferable to follow a gender calendar to predict the gender of the baby.

Predicting the Gender of Your Baby

USG or ultrasonography is the tool that can help you “meeting” the baby inside you. From the explanation of your doctor, you can predict whether you will have a baby girl or baby boy. It is fun to predict, even though your prediction might be wrong. The first way is by simply looking south. If the bump of your belly is high, then it’s probably a girl, on the other way around, if it is low, then it’s probably a boy.

find out the gender of your baby

The second way is by listening to the baby’s heartbeat. The heart rate gives you a unique story about the gender of your baby. 140+ beats per minute means that you have a girl and the heart rate below 140 indicates that you have a boy. The third way is to note the food preference. Sweet food is believed to be girl’s favorite, while salty and sour ones indicates a boy. The fourth way is using your wedding ring and gets it tied to a string. Then hang it over your belly and see how it moves. Boy usually makes the ring swings a circle, while girl makes it goes back and forth.

find out the gender of your baby

Chinese Gender Calendar

Finding out the gender of your baby can be done through ancient Chinese gender calendar.  The legend suggests that the chart is more than 700 years old and uses lunar calendar. The calendar is divided into columns and rows. The first column has numbers that represents the range of maternal ages and first top row shows the months.

find out the gender of your baby
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Cells in the calendar are designated for M and F because they correlate the configuration of mother’s age and conception’s month. First, you can locate your age in left vertical column then follow the horizontal row until you reach the month of conception. The intersection between column and row will have the prediction of the gender.

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