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Is Cramping Normal In Early Pregnancy ?

Is cramping normal in early pregnancy? Some pregnant women must have experienced cramping during their pregnancy, either on their first, second or third trimester. The reasons could be varied, while you cannot just explain it by yourselves.

are cramps normal during early pregnancy, are cramps normal in early pregnancy

The following information could be quite helpful in giving you some insights about cramping, but they are all required doctor’s examination to decide whether or not they are serious cramping. The more frequent you ask your doctor about your cramping, it could be better for you and your baby.

Cramping In Early Pregnancy

is cramping normal in early pregnancy

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If your pregnancy is still on the first stage of the three trimesters, then your cramping could be sign of your pregnancy itself. Cramping is actually a sign showing that there is something happening at your uterus, including the fertilized egg which reach its place on the uterus wall.

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It feels like you are about to have your period, but you are not. It means that your cramping is not serious and you can just get along with it because it is rather common to experience. The increased hormone can also lead to this symptoms.

is cramping normal in early pregnancy

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However, if there are some things follow your cramping such as va-gi-nal spotting or bleeding, then your cramping might not be normal. These signs could indicate that you are having miscarriage, which you need to consult to your doctor as soon as possible.

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Is Cramping Normal During Pregnancy

In general, counted from the first trimester to the third trimester, cramping is normal as long as you have experiences one of these initial acts. First, having sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse, particularly va-gi-nal intercourse is able to cause any cramping during your pregnancy.

While it is actually safe, according to some doctors, sexual intercourse might affect pregnant women a bit more awkwardly. Some contractions may follow, that is why your doctor will ask whether or not you have had sex before feeling the cramping. If yes, then your cramping is normal.

is cramping normal in early pregnancy

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Secondly, you may try to change your position after feeling the cramps. If there are changes, either better or worse, then the stretching uterus might trigger the cramping. In addition, gas and constipation could also be the factor of you having the cramps, which is normal.

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So, is cramping normal in early pregnancy or even during the three trimesters? Ye, it is common and normal, as long as you got those common signs initiating your cramping. On the other hand, moms should notice other possible symptoms following the cramps to check if the cramping is still normal or not.

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