Is It Possible to Get Pregnant on Your Period ?

Pregnancy should be a very critical thing to prepare. It is the point where your entire life will change, both for you and your husband. Therefore, it is recommended that young couples follow parenthood programs before they decide to have a child. However, pregnancy also sometimes happens even when the couple is sure that they have protected themselves. For example when you miss taking contraception pill for one day, it is still possible to get pregnant. Some people believe that it is not possible to get pregnant on period? Is this true? Let’s find out.

Exact Definition of a Period

According to a gynecologist and obstetrician from Los Angeles, Michele Hakakha, period is defined as blood loss which occurs at the end of ovulation cycle, as the result that an egg is not fertilized by a sperm. Around day 14 of her cycle, a woman releases an egg in every month.

Before releasing the egg, hormones in her body increases to prepare the lining of the uterus in case the egg is fertilized by a sperm and then the pregnancy occurs. However, if there is no fertilization, then the lining of uterus exfoliates after 14 days and then period starts.

can you get pregnant on your period

can you get pregnant while on your period

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period ?

The answer for the above question is yes. It is very possible that a sperm can fertilize the egg in a fallopian tube. In the middle of period, possibly and normally between 12th and 16th days, the egg is mature in one of the two ovaries.

Sperm existing in your fallopian tube will get to fertilize the mature egg and lead into pregnancy. However, if the egg isn’t fertilized by a sperm, then the sperm will be shed along with the uterine lining when you’re having the period.

Shorter cycle leads to sooner ovulation. Sperm has the ability to survive in reproductive tract for maximally six days. So, having sex during period can allow the sperm to hang around in the reproductive tract when you reach ovulation time. Moreover, the sperm will try to fertilize the egg when it is ready.

Getting pregnant on period is sometimes mistaken by bleeding or spotting in the next cycle just like regular period. In other words, bleeding at the exact time of ovulation is possible when you are on most fertile condition. If this is misunderstood, then you probably believe that you are having period, but in fact you get pregnant on your period.

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