Cabbage Nutrition Facts and Its Importance for Our Body

I believe that we all familiar with cabbage but do us really know about cabbage nutrition facts? Cabbage is vegetable that belong to “Brassica” family. Brassica family is also consists Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, bok choy, kale, and broccoli.

This type of vegetables can grow all over the world. There is no such particular area for cabbage. That is why, cabbage is easy to get and it appear in almost every cuisine all over the world, although there are so many people that understand about cabbage nutrition value.

Cabbage nutrition facts are information that provides you about the composition of cabbage so you understand the importance of having it. Some says that cabbage is of the secrets ingredient for Chinese people everlasting youthfulness.

There is not fact yet about that theory, but despise the myth, cabbage is truly one of the best vegetables for meals. There are several varieties of cabbage in all over the world. They are green, purple, red, and savoy cabbage.

Health Benefit in Cabbage Nutrition Facts

There is a lot of health benefits cabbage nutrition that we can conclude from the cabbage nutrition facts. In the cabbage nutrition composition table, it stated that cabbage consists of a lot of nutrition but yet it has a low fat and calories, which is good for healthy food and dietary purposes. Cabbage amazingly only produce 25 calories per 100 grams, it is a very small amount of calories if we compare with other vegetables.Cabbage Nutrition Cabbage Nutrition

Vitamin Composition in Cabbage

In the cabbage nutrition facts information, we can also see cabbage vitamins composition and its percentage. In contain a lot of vitamin C. The exact number of Vitamin C in cabbage is about 68% RDA levels per 100 grams.

As we all know that continuously Vitamin C consumption can help our body to develop immunity to resist viruses and bacteria so we don’t easily get sick. It can also help us to fight free radical that can help us to avoid cancer.

Cabbage also produces unique type of vitamin called Vitamin K. cabbage contain Vitamin K as much as Vitamin C or in exact number, it consists 63 percent of RDA level per 100 grams. Vitamin K is good bone metabolism and prevents osteoporosis.

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Vitamin K is also good for Alzheimer’s disease patient to limit neuronal damage in their brain. Cabbage nutrition facts have tells us that this vegetable is great for our body and it’s important for us to know that fact to have a healthier live.

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