Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant ?

It is hard to say either ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to a question about can you drink coffee when pregnant? The problem is, you literally can, but is it safe?

Well, there is not yet any exact answer to that question. Some say it is okay to drink coffee when you are pregnant, while others might suggest you not. It is to suppress any possible health problems to occur in the babies.

But, let us be factual. Modern moms seem to not be able to miss one single cup of coffee each day. They need to drink this beverage to make them awake and passionate during their workdays. So, it is surely going to be hard not to drink coffee at all during pregnancy.can you drink coffee when pregnant credit momjunction-com

Is It Safe To Drink Coffee When Pregnant ?

A number of studies about the safety of consuming coffee during pregnancy have certainly been conducted. But it is in retrospective studies, which means that some analysts have just tried to take samples on those drinking-coffee-moms, to examine whether or not, their coffee drinking affects the babies.

In general, the results show no major issue, but there is certainly some defects occur. Those mom with intense consumption of coffee per day during their pregnancy, is vulnerable to having a premature labor or underweight babies.

But, that result cannot also be justified universally since we do not know any other substances that have been consumed by those moms, aside of the coffee. In other words, there could be any other factor causing these moms to have a premature labor.
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What Is Decaffeinated Coffee ?

This coffee is recommended by some doctors from pregnant moms to help them reduce their consumption of caffeinated coffee. However, decaffeinated coffee is not a non-caffeine coffee, because basically they still contain a little amount of caffeine as a trace of the process.

But at least it is rather safer for moms to drink. Once moms start switching their regular coffee to this one, they can cut down the cups, for example, from 5 cups per day, to 4 cups per day. Or, moms can also start to drink tea to replace the coffee. It still has caffeine but less.

Well, in general, can you drink coffee during pregnancy? Yes, you can. It is possible, but some doctors would set a limit that you may have maximally 200 gram caffeine per day from your coffee. The less, the better. That is why more people coming out with an idea of consuming decaffeinated coffee.

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