Number of Americans without Health Insurance

Americans without health insurance? Well, based on the Census Bureau, it seems that the number is decreasing. This is good news for the government since it means that there are more people who realize the importance of having health insurance.

In 2016, there were more than 580,000 young people who were insured. There are some issues related to health insurance and why it is so important to have health insurance especially for those who are above 50. Research has shown that those who are not insured are 40% more likely to die.

Stable Coverage

Next, we are going to see how health insurance is very vital not only for older people but also for young people as well. In 2016, 63.9% percent of Americans already had health insurance. The number stayed the same compared with the previous year, 2015. Between 2015 and 2016, it gave a stable result where the number didn’t fall. This is good news since the number is stable. However, the government is working hard to reduce the number of Americans without health insurance so that there are more Americans who have health insurance.number of Americans without health insurance number of Americans without health insurance number of Americans without health insurance

Why Purchase Health Insurance

People should understand the importance of having health insurance and this will be the main task of government to educate the citizens. It is a good idea to give some detailed information about benefits of having health insurance.

Have you ever been to the clinic? Chances are that at least once, we have visited the clinic or doctor’s office. You already know that the medical cost can be very expensive. The cost can break your bank and it can be very frustrating if you have a chronic disease.

This is when health insurance comes into the play. The price is so high that some doctors may refuse to create an appointment since you don’t have health insurance. So for those who value their health, there is no reason not to purchase health insurance.

Act Now before It’s too late

With the number of Americans without health insurance that is stable, it gives you some ideas how health insurance has become a popular issue that most people realize. Like it or not, having health insurance helps us to save money later.

You will never know when you get injured or sick and you need to pay the medical bills for yourself. In such situation, health insurance can be very helpful.

Having the right health insurance means that you can get protection for an unexpected accident or other events that cause you to visit the doctor’s office. Having health insurance helps you to live longer since your medical bills will be covered by health insurance.

Health insurance does a good job to protect you against an unexpected event. There are many types or plans that you can choose so you need to do some research before purchasing one. Find more information about health insurance plans so that you can choose the right one.

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