Wearing the Flipper Teeth

Some people miss their teeth due to injury, decay or accidents that make it look awkward. The case is, many people apparently have a lack of medical insurance especially teeth insurance. However, it is not a big problem nowadays since our recent technology is able to create natural flipper teeth for lost teeth. The first thing to do is go to see your dentist to consult what kind of flipper teeth that suit you.

Most dentist uses digital photography to examine patient’s mouth and teeth in details. They will ask you to bite the mold which can determine your teeth model. After thoroughly inspection, they send the model to the lab and ask the technician to prepare it. It will take around three weeks to wait until your flipper teeth are ready to wear.

Flipper teeth are teeth model that are similar to the natural human teeth. It is a removable plate or frame holding one or more artificial teeth. It is placed to fill the space left by missing teeth. Many people choose this because it is not expensive. On the other hands, when you need more aesthetically and stylish flipper teeth, the price will be double or maybe four times from the usual one. The items are made of acrylic that needs more regular maintenance in order to keep this device long lasting.

What regular maintenances should you do when you are wearing flipper teeth? Well, it is quite simple apparently. Just brush your flipper teeth as you are daily brushing your original teeth. Otherwise, you need some special preparation by using gentle toothbrush and mild toothpaste.Flipper Teeth Flipper Teeth

After brushing your flipper teeth, place it into a glass of water overnight. Do not forget to add anti bacteria liquid or tablet to clean it from microorganism. You help your gums breath freely by taking it off during the night. Taking off your flipper teeth could minimize the risk of gums inflammation. It is because when you are wearing it all day, your gum will be pressed and cause pain in the roof of your mouth. It is also the best way to avoid the flipped out while you are sleeping.

Lastly, start to use a mouthwash liquid after brushing your teeth. Remove your flipper teeth and rinse out your mouth with this anti bacterial liquid. It will keep you away from bad breath, reduce your toothache, and clean your teeth. Always remember that checking your flipper teeth regularly and also keeping your original teeth and mouth healthy are some other important things you should do daily.