Things to do in Ubud out of the Crowded Places in Bali

There are many things to do in Ubud to escape the crowds and finding some place to relax. Spend your day in this one of the most popular tourism spots in Bali alone or with your family will give you great holiday experience. Here is the list of what fun things you can do while you stay in Ubud.

5 enjoyable things to do in Ubud for relaxing time

  1. Enjoying panoramic views of Ayung River

One place to go in Ubud is Zen Hideaway where you can enjoy panoramic views of Ayung River. It is located in a traditional Balinese village and you need to spend around twenty minutes from the center of Ubud to go there.

Stay and enjoy the views like mini waterfall, Mount Agung, and rice fields or you can try a swing hanging right between coconut trees.

Things to do in Ubud ayung river

  1. Watch movie night with your family

There is this unique café that offers place to watch movie night with your whole family called Paradiso Ubud. You are not only can enjoy delicious vegan foods but you can also spend your day watching world class movies for free! The capacity of the café’s hall is about 150 persons so you can get a seat easily. Visit this place to enjoy things to do in Ubud at night.

Things to do in Ubud Paradiso Cinema

Things to do in Ubud Paradiso Cinema

  1. Diving into the incredible waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall is your absolute adventure to experience when visiting Ubud, Bali. The green forest surrounding the waterfall and the fresh air will make your trip more fun. The waterfall is only 15 meters high and you can jump and then diving to get one of the best lifetime experiences in Bali. There is bathing spot and nearby temple to visit as well.

  1. Have a lunch with amazing view of paddy fields

It is a nice spot to take a shot while enjoying your lunch or dinner, Sari Organik and Café Pomegranate. This is an organic warung/restaurant and you just need to spend about 15 minutes walk to go there from the road. Take a table on the terrace to enjoy some view of large and green paddy fields.

things to do Ubud Sari Organik and Café Pomegranate

  1. Spend the day in a mansion made from full bamboo

Visit the green village to get the best day to spend in a mansion made and designed with full bamboo. You can take a tour in the village and enjoy your time in some natural holiday goal. You can go to bamboo factory or see bamboo being harvested and then processed into furniture or building materials. Things to do in Ubud Mansion Bamboo

If you want to spend your day out of the crowded place, then you need to visit 5 places that offer best things to do in Ubud above.

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