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When is the Best time to Visit Indonesia for Holiday Travel ?

The best time to visit Indonesia depends on the season and what is your planning to do there. Fortunately, the weather in Indonesia is pretty stable and thus most of the time you can visit Indonesia whether for holiday trip or business travel.

However, when is the right time to visit Indonesia still needs to be planned before you go there and here are some of the important information to take a note.

When is the best time to visit Indonesia for holiday trip?

  1. Consider the weather in Indonesia

Talking about the weather then the best time to visit Indonesia Bali for example is from July to August because it is the time when the rain is driest and the temperature is coolest. However, pay attention to the crowd since naturally, it is during peak season where most tourists book in advance.

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When is the Best time to Visit Indonesia

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  1. Peak and low seasons in Indonesia

You need to know when the peak and low seasons in Indonesia so you can plan your trip perfectly. In Bali, from April to September is considered to be the high season because it is the dry season and summer holiday season in many parts of the world.

Low season is between October and March and even though it is rainy season, usually the rains running down in evening and leave immediately after that so it still possible for you to enjoy holiday trip.

  1. So, where is the best time to visit Indonesia?

If you want to plan for holiday trip based on Indonesia climate and weather as well as the crowd, the best time to visit the tropical country is either October or March. It is when the time is not that crowded and the weather or climate relatively still dry. You can visit many cities in Indonesia like Bali to spend your day with family for your perfect holiday journey.

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Bali Kite festival at Padang Galak Area

Bau Nyale festival

  1. The festivals

If you want to take a tour in Indonesia to enjoy some of the festivals then you can go in March to April during Bali Nyepi day and usually there are many festivals are held. Or you can go in July if you want to see the famous Bali Kite festival at Padang Galak Area, Sanur Beach in Bali. Moreover, you can also go during February to March in Lombok for Bau Nyale festival, a huge fishing festival.

Those are the perfect and best time to visit Indonesia for some travel or trip plan before you go.

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