How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy ?

Well, before asking about “how much weight should I gain during pregnancy”, a mother should firstly bear in her mind, that they are not supposed to be selfish by thinking about whether or not they are going to lose the weight and how.


A pregnant woman would need to keep their diet as healthily as possible without overthinking about the weight gain. As long as the nutrition needed is given, then the problem solved. However, controlling body weight during pregnancy is important that it could also save a life.

Average Weight Gain During Pregnancy And Details

If you are asking about the “how much weight I should gain during pregnancy” and the average weight gain during pregnancy, the answer might be varied. It depends on the mother’s initial body weight, height, how many babies they carry and it what stage the pregnancy is.

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Yet, a mother could use this following information as a quick glimpse to check out their weight gain. A mother whose initial body weight is categorized as healthy, according to the BMI scale, then their average weight gain could reach 25 to 35 pounds.

An underweight mom before pregnancy would need to reach more weight gain until 28 to 40 pounds. On the other hand, the overweight mom should only fulfill their safe weight gain from 15 to 25 pounds.

An obese mom could hardly gain weight more than 20 pounds if they do not want to cause any serious health problems to themselves and the babies. Moreover, for a mom-to-be which has been examined to have a twin, then they could gain their weight for about 37 to 54 pounds for a healthy-weight mom, 31 to 50 pounds for an overweight mom and 25 to 4 pounds for an obese mother.

how much weight should i gain during pregnancy

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how much weight should i gain during pregnancy

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how much weight should i gain during pregnancy

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Problems Following Less Or More Weight Gain

Underweight, overweight and obese moms are vulnerable to some serious illnesses that may occur after their giving birth. An underweight mom could have her baby underweight too or what is called as preterm infant. Some serious health problems can absolutely follow the bad condition.

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Yet, overweight and obese moms may find some troubles while they are having to breastfeed their babies because of they are possibly lacking of the milk production. Also some risks of getting complications can occur if the mother has diabetes before pregnancy.

Knowing the average weight gain during pregnancy is important to note down by moms, so that they could do some things to prevent some other health problems happening to their babies.



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