Be Carefull Of Toothache During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the best God’s gifts ever. A mother should stay strong since she is a medium for welcoming baby birth in this world. Throughout a pregnancy, a mother might experience a chance to face some difficulties starting from nausea, fatigue, back ache, till toothache.


Here we will share about what mothers should do when a sudden uncontrollable toothache attacks you. Let’s take a note and stay away from having toothache during pregnancy.

First toothache problem is bleeding gum which is mostly occur during pregnancy. A pregnant woman increases her progesterone hormone in her body which also gains the number of plague in her mouth.

Facing that, a mother usually brushes her teeth hardly and does not give a sufficient attention while doing it. Bleeding gum can infect your baby through placenta. The horrible effect, it can cause miss-birth. When it happens to you, kindly please come to see your dentist so you will not find the difficulty anymore.

Second problem is toothache which even some women have just experienced it at their pregnancy time. They said that they have not ever seen the dentist because of teeth problem before. So, what is the problem here? Does a pregnant mom get lazy brushing her teeth?

When we observe on mothers habit during pregnancy, we will get shock since they are rarely to brush their teeth during pregnancy. It is because they feel nausea while cleaning their teeth as the affect of gaining acidity and toxin level rapidly. It is going to be wise if a mom tries to step forward on her personal hygiene especially on her teeth.

The next problem that comes after those two problems is bad smell breath. This can be solved when this mother starts to use mouthwash regularly after brushing her teeth.

Ulcer is the last problem which commonly comes up. It can be caused by increasing hormone or accidentally bite. Start to consume more calcium foods, vegetables and fruit to keep your stamina. Start consume some calcium foods since your 2nd week of pregnancy because they are useful to establish your baby teeth. Ulcer can be cure without medicine but if it is necessary, you can just buy some in the drug store and use it on the ulcer’s surface only.

Moms should take care of her teeth by gently brushing and eat nutrition foods that prevent from toothache. You still can buy some medicine when you get that symptoms but be careful of too much medicine taking. It is better to see the dentist regularly in order to monitor your baby and your teeth condition.

Be careful of toothache during pregnancy and be a happy and healthy mom!

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