Toothache and Headache at The Same Time

Teeth are the main part for helping human consumption. And indeed, it will be horrible thing if you suffer from toothache. The occurrence of pain in your teeth can cause headache. Inside the head, there are many nerves in human head which one of them is known as tri germinal nerves.


It has a responsibility for face sensory and muscle motor. Thus, our head is highly sensitive to respond everything surround. The brain may get difficulties in differentiate the signal caused by the pressure at that time the brain responses and defines as a headache.

Having  both toothache and headache at the same time means strongly recommended to directly go to the dentist for deeply treatment. One small hole will make quite a disturbance which causes pain in your head. A hole in your tooth is a sign that your tooth is not in a good condition.

Decay exists because of plague and bacteria, which are accumulated and stick to your teeth. It will start to pressure the normal gum. If it is not cured as soon as possible, the root of the tooth will press the nerves, tissue and all around.

After making an appointment and doing one or more consultations, the dentist may find small cavity in your teeth. It usually cures by adding some mold to fill the hole. But if the pain still exists, do not be lazy to visit your doctor again. People with a long history of toothache should take X-rays dental in order to diagnose the main pain cause.

In order to prevent it, we should keep our body health especially the teeth which have a linked nerve to the brain. Start to manage what food we consume. Do not consume alcohol, cigarette, sweet junk foods that will be harmful your health. Reduce high sugar consumption by gaining more natural and organic food consumption. Vegetables and foods contain calcium are also good choices to keep your teeth strong.

Do not forget to clean your teeth at least twice a day and check your tooth every three months. Change your toothbrush regularly at least every two months. Brush your teeth gently by using toothpaste that suits you. It can be followed by rinse out your mouth with mouthwash liquid for deeply cleaning.

Let us live in hygiene and healthy way. No more toothache, and bye-bye headache.

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